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Hon. General Secretary Message

The New Awakening

Its early morning … about 1500 young girls, smartly dressed in red-checked uniforms, stand to attention. The Assembly is on. We stand still, as the morning air reverberates with the National Anthem. Followed by the ever-fascinating, Allama Iqbal’s, Sare Jahan Se Achcha …..- The National Song. We feel a little humble. We have used the ‘National’ word twice already … as a preamble to what we have to say. There is an Arabic Proverb:‘What comes from the lips, reaches the ears, what comes fromthe heart, reaches the heart. This is straight from the verydepths of our heart… These red-uniformed girls are all studentsof the National Girls High School, located at 26 Prof. AnantKanekar Marg, Behramnagar, Bandra East, Mumbai, 400051.

These girls are of course the future mothers and wives and the torch bearers of the new awakening… getting the girls educated. For if we educate a man, we educate an individual, if we educate a woman, we educate a family.We had started a few hundred students in 1992, a traumatic year for the community and the country. It was the defining year for all of us involved with community development work. Today, in 2017 after twenty five years.. National Girls High School is an educational complex, imparting education from pre-primary to Junior College to about 3400 girls. All first-generation learners, residing in Behrampada. We are indeed privileged and honored to be a part of this new renaissance of the community. For the Muslims to come out of the maelstrom of anarchy and chaos in which they find themselves in, there is one way out : to get educated. {We of course do regret that we are not able to provide similar facility to the boys community}. This was much before the Noble Prizes were given to propagate the idea of education as a key to development and before Justice Sachar recommended to the Prime Minister to make special efforts to get the Muslims educated. And we may mention here that we have also started the ‘National Women’s Polytechnic. With courses in tailoring and cooking and baking and computers and beauty-care and all that !!!

Today we take this opportunity to thank everyone associated with the National Girls High School… the learners, office staff and Teachers; the HM, my fellow trustees and friends, they have enriched our lives and made it more meaningful. God Bless. And once more ; Thank You

G M Siddiqui

Hon. General Secretary

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